Meet the Team

Ibrahim Lughmani (Founder)

ibrahim lughmani founder ceo architect

Ibrahim is  Ex-IBMer with 10 years IT experience in local/international projects. Throughout his career, he has received many awards including Top Performer 2014 and Manager Choice 2015. He is IBM Certified IT Consultant, Oracle Certified Siebel Expert and Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist.  

Ayesha Mumtaz (Co-Founder)

ayesha mumtaz founder CIO

Ayesha is a Double Gold Medalist from QAU with experience in management. Her skills include project management, networking, team building & leadership. She has worked for Speridian Technologies as a Project Manager. Now working on Hop Orbits to improve local businesses.  

Naveed Ahmad (Co-Founder)

Naveed Ahmad founder android

Naveed is Google Certified Android developer and currently holds a Masters degree in Computer Science. He specializes in Android/iOS development with more than 160 active applications. He is also working as a  CTO for an Australian company called Sharetheload.  

Zameer Faiz (Co-Founder)

Zameer faiz founder java AWS

Zameer has a Masters degree in Computer Sciences from NUML and won speed programming competitions. He has a 10 years experience working with AWS and Java. Started his career in 2010 as a software developer and ended up in creating his own software house.

Why Hop Orbits Exists?

celebration incubation plan9

 Hop Orbits exists with the sole mission of making technology accessible and affordable for small and medium sized retailers. We are a group of dreamers who have promised to take all retail SMEs online not just focusing on brands. Small and medium enterprises (SME) are considered the back bone of any economy.  According to Pakistan Bureau of Statistics for the years 2011-12, retail sector represented around 18% of GDP. As per official reports, there are more than 2 million retail outlets in the country where as we believe the number is quite higher. While living in the same society, we noticed a problem that almost all these retail SMEs were facing i.e. they are not able to invest in technology while being aware that the future of any business depends on tech adoption. Many took risk of hiring IT personals and ended up losing money due to lack of technical mentor-ship. On the other hand, tech giants were investing and taking over market share by creating marketplaces and charging high revenue percentages. These SMEs are left with no other option but to wait and give their share to the sharks. We came up with a business model that supports retail SMEs in securing their market share by launching their own IT systems without high risk of investing in technology. Our aim is to improve local economies by empowering retail SMEs to compete against companies aiming to disrupt the market. If you are a retail owner worried about securing your share of the market then rest assure we exist for you. 

How We Do It?

  • We work with startups that want to launch their e-commerce but lack technical partners.
  • Our platform reduces the time and resources of developing your own software and maintaining it.
  • We try to work on digital inclusion by educating retailers about the power of technology.
  • We educate retailers on how to use and launch their apps and keep track of their growth through reporting.
  • We let the retailers focus on what they do best - business.
  • We provide cloud based solution for the retailers with complete control over their own business.

Simply download Hop Orbits and register, create your page, we will call you to enable your app.